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Châteaugiron Castle is the restored urban castle, built around 1070 on the site of a motte-and-bailey castle which was built for the knight Anquetil. The castle was rebuilt and given a modern shape around 1465. Many fortifications are well preserved in the castle, including keep with a height of 38 meters and fortified towers. The castle contains the Museum of french sculptors Gourdel brothers.

Southwestern view of Châteaugiron Castle in Brittany

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Châteaugiron Castle tabular info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
French name Château de Châteaugiron
Type Urban castle
Condition Largely restored
Contains Gourdel Brothers Museum
Public access Guided tours
Entrance fee € 9.50
Owner Commune of Châteaugiron
Street address
Boulevard du Château
Postal code 35410
Commune Châteaugiron
Region Brittany
Country France
Latitude 48.04885
Longitude -1.50322
GeoNames ID 12524194
Plus code 8CWW2FXW+GP

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