Fortified castles in Bavaria by EuroTourData

Fortified castles in Bavaria as historical landmarks and tourist attractions.

List of fortified castles in Bavaria

Altenstein Castle Cadolzburg Castle Falkenberg Castle Freyberg Castle Haag Castle Hohenstein Castle Harburg Castle Königsberg Castle Old Castle Obermurach Castle Prunn Castle Prozelten Castle Randeck Castle Trimberg Castle Tittmoning Castle Willibaldsberg Castle Waldeck Castle The map
Fortified castles in Bavaria by types
Altenstein Castle Hill castle
Cadolzburg Castle Urban castle
Falkenberg Castle Hill castle
Freyberg Castle Hilltop castle
Haag Castle Water castle
Hohenstein Castle Hill castle
Harburg Castle Hill castle
Königsberg Castle Spur castle
Old Castle Hill castle
Obermurach Castle Hill castle
Prunn Castle Hillside castle
Prozelten Castle Hill castle
Randeck Castle Hill castle
Trimberg Castle Spur castle
Tittmoning Castle Spur castle
Willibaldsberg Castle Spur castle
Waldeck Castle Hilltop castle

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Data catalog to fortified castles in Bavaria, by EuroTourData.

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