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Münzenberg Castle is the restored ruins of the hill castle and the concentric castle, built around 1000 for the Lords of Hagen-Münzenberg to protect northern fiefdoms watered by the Wetter River.

Eastern view on the defensive walls with fortified towers of Münzenberg Castle of Hesse

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Münzenberg Castle history

In the mid-1150s the castle was expanded, and significant parts of the defensive walls were built around the inner bailey, the eastern keep, and the gate building with a chapel above it. Around 1260 the construction of defensive walls was completed, and the second keep was built in the western part of the inner bailey. Around 1424 the middle gate and the outer bailey with a defensive wall with battery towers were built.

During the Thirty Years' War, in 1628, the army of the imperial commander Wallenstein bombarded the castle and caused great damage. After this shelling, the castle turned into ruins and was not subsequently restored until 1846.

Münzenberg Castle tabular general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German name Burg Münzenberg
German alternate name Münzenburg
Type Hill castle
Subtype Concentric castle
Condition Restored ruins
Entrance fee € 3.5
Opening hours March 1 to October 31 Tuesday - Sunday from to of CEST UTC+02:00 or of CET UTC+01:00
Website Burg Münzenberg
Video Burg Münzenberg on YouTube
Owner Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Hessen
Street address
Unter der Burg 4
Postal code 35516
Town Münzenberg
State Hesse
Country Germany
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Plus code 9F2CFQ2G+GJ
Waze Map Münzenberg Castle
OpenStreetMap Münzenberg Castle
Latitude 50.45127
Longitude 8.77657
GeoNames ID 12510149
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