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Rheinfels Castle is the restored ruins of the spur castle, built in 1245 as the toll castle of the Count of Katzenelnbogen.

Western view of Rheinfels Castle in Rhineland-Palatinate

Rheinfels Castle history

After 1256 the army of the First Rhenish League towns unsuccessfully besieged the castle. Between 1360 and 1370 the castle was greatly expanded. A round corner tower was built on the side of the Rhine River and a mighty shield wall with two fortified towers. In 1626, after a heavy siege, the castle was captured by the troops of the Prince-elector archbishop of the Archbishopric of Cologne. In 1647 the castle was again besieged and captured by the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. Between 1657-1674 the castle was expanded into the powerful counter-castle in order to resist potential aggression from France. During the Nine Years' War, in December 1692, French troops launched an unsuccessful attack on the castle during which the commander of the French troops was wounded. During the Seven Years' War on December 1, 1758, the castle surrendered to the French troops without a fight. On November 1, 1794, the castle was captured without a fight by French revolutionary troops and in 1796 blown up.

The castle is owned by the town of Sankt Goar.

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Rheinfels Castle tabular data
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German name Burg Rheinfels
Type Spur castle
Subtype Toll castle
Condition Restored ruins
Public access Free
Opening hours Daily from to CEST UTC+02:00 or CET UTC+01:00
Owner Town of Sankt Goar
Street address
Schlossberg 47
Postal code 56329
Town Sankt Goar
State Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
Latitude 50.15445
Longitude 7.70446
GeoNames ID 12519576
Plus code 9F295P33+QP

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