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Thurant Castle is the restored ruins of the spur castle, built around 1206 by order of the Henry V, Count Palatine of the Rhine as the coercion castle for security in the Moselle region.

Aerial view of Thurant Castle in Rhineland-Palatinate

Thurant Castle history

In 1216, Engelbert I, Archbishop of Cologne managed to capture the castle by force. During the so-called Great feud in 1248, the castle was captured by the united army of the archbishops of Trier and Cologne. Archbishops divided the castle into Trier and Cologne halves, which were separated from each other by a wall and each of which was ruled by its own burgrave. Each half had a separate gate, its own residential and outbuildings and a donjon, which today is called Trier Tower and Cologne Tower. From 1495 the castle was described as dilapidated and from 1542 it was used as a quarry. During the Nine Years' War in 1689, further destruction by French troops resulted in the castle finally falling into ruins. Since 1973, the castle has been jointly owned by the Allmers and Woolf families.

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Thurant Castle tabular data
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German name Burg Thurant
Type Spur castle
Subtype Coercion castle
Condition Restored ruins
Entrance fee € 3
Opening hours March 1 to October 30 from Monday to Friday from to CEST UTC+02:00 or CET UTC+01:00
Owner Allmers and Woolf families
Viaf ID 246303429
Street address
Burg Thurant
Postal code 56332
Municipality Alken
State Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
Latitude 50.24842
Longitude 7.45279
GeoNames ID 12519711
Plus code 9F296FX3+94

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