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Fortifications of Dinan were built between the 13th century and 1642 in the shape of an irregular polygon around the old city and have been largely restored.

View to the western defensive wall with Ducal Tower of Dinan Fortifications

Fortifications of Dinan history

Major work on the construction of fortifications began after 1283, and until 1341 three city gates, many fortified towers, and defensive walls were built. After the Hundred Years' War, between 1455 and 1488 Fortifications of Dinan were expanded and were modernized to protect them from artillery. After 1585 the fortifications were again expanded. From the middle of the 17th century, the Dinan Fortifications, which no longer had that strategic importance, were mainly used to guard prisoners of war. During the French Revolution, faced with the threat of the Catholic and royal army of the Vendée, fortifications were restored.

List of Dinan Fortifications clockwise from the northwestern corner

Fortifications of Dinan by types
St. Julian Tower Bastion
Lesquen Tower Bastion
Beaumanoir Tower Flanking tower
Saint-Malo Gate City gate and gate tower
Governor Tower Flanking tower
Jerzual Gate City gate and gate tower
St. Catherine Tower Corner tower
Cardinal Gate Postern and gate tower
Penthievre Tower Flanking tower
St. Louis Gate City gate and gate tower
Coetquen Tower Flanking tower
Counter Gate City gate and chamber gate
Dinan Castle Keep
Constable Tower Flanking tower
Beaufort Tower Half tower

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