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Aachen Medieval Fortifications (German: Stadtmauer Aachen) had two lines fortifications: the internal defensive wall which began construction in 1172 and the external defensive wall which began construction at about 1300 and completed in the middle of the 14th century. Info is based on the article Stadtmauer Aachen of German Wikipedia.

Copper-engraving of the view on Aachen by Matthäus Merian

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History of Aachen Fortifications

The city wall of Aachen was a double ring of walls, which is designed to protect the city of Aachen from attacks. It was built in two stages: the inner ring from 1172 and the outer ring from 1300.

The reason for the construction of Inner City Wall of Aachen, which also bears the name of Inner Ring, First Wall or Wall of Barbarossa, was the promise of the protection of Aachen that was given to the inhabitants of the city by Emperor Frederick the First Barbarossa in the 1166 year. The wall had 10 city gates and 10 fortified towers. The completion time for the construction of the inner wall is unknown. During the siege of Aachen in 1248 by William II of Holland, some sections of the inner ring were only earthen ramparts and wooden palisades.

Since the inner wall soon limited the growth of the city of Aachen, citizens began to build a second ring of fortifications at a greater distance around the city, the so-called External City Wall. Construction probably began at the end of the 13th century, and were completed in the middle of the 14th century. This outer wall was about 5300 meters long, 8 to 10 meters high, and 2 to 4 meters thick. Around the outer walls were also created a moat about 24-28 meters wide. This moat had a depth of about 7-8 meters.

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