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Amberg Medieval Fortifications were built in the 14th century, have an oval shape, and includes defensive walls with a circumference around 3000 meters long. The fortifications were modernized in the 16th and 17th centuries to protect against artillery fire. High defensive walls with a covered parapet, four guarded gates, and almost 100 towers made Amberg the strongest Princely City, as the chronicler wrote in his chronicle around the middle of the sixteenth century. Amberg was not even threatened in any of the wars of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and even the Hussites did not dare to besiege the city. Info is based on the article Liste der Baudenkmäler in Amberg - Ehemalige Stadtbefestigung of German Wikipedia.

Flank view on the eastern defensive wall of Amberg Fortifications

Amberg Fortifications info

Table 1. Amberg Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigung Amberg
Circumference 3000 meters
Public access Free
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Town Amberg
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Info Amberg Town Administration
Table 2. Amberg Fortifications clockwise from north
Fronfestgasse Defensive Wall Discover Fronfestgasse Defensive Wall
Brick Gate Discover Brick Gate
Hinter der Mauer 9 Tower Discover Hinter der Mauer 9 Tower
Hinter der Mauer 17 Tower Discover Hinter der Mauer 17 Tower
Doggenhansl Tower Discover Doggenhansl Tower
Hinter der Mauer 19A Tower Discover Hinter der Mauer 19A Tower
Nabburg Gate Discover Nabburg Gate
Militerspitalgasse Defensive Wall Discover Militerspitalgasse Defensive Wall
Bastei Defensive Wall Discover Bastei Defensive Wall
Bastei Redan Discover Bastei Redan
Bastei Caponier Discover Bastei Caponier
City Glasses Watergate Discover City Glasses Watergate
Wingershof Gate Discover Wingershof Gate
Malteserplatz Bastion Discover Malteserplatz Bastion
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring Tower Discover Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring Tower
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring Defensive Wall Discover Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring Defensive Wall
Malteserplatz Defensive Wall Discover Malteserplatz Defensive Wall
Jesuitenfahrt 25 Tower Discover Jesuitenfahrt 25 Tower
Jesuitenfahrt Bastion Discover Jesuitenfahrt Bastion
Jesuitenfahrt 20 Tower Discover Jesuitenfahrt 20 Tower
Maxallee Bastion Discover Maxallee Bastion
Jesuitenfahrt 12 Tower Discover Jesuitenfahrt 12 Tower
Maxallee Tower Discover Maxallee Tower
Jesuitenfahrt 10 Tower Discover Jesuitenfahrt 10 Tower
Vils Gate Discover Vils Gate
Fronfestgasse Tower Discover Fronfestgasse Tower
Map Amberg Fortifications

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Table 3. Amberg useful info
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