Explore Beeskow Fortifications

clockwise from east.

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Beeskow Castle

(German original name: Burg Beeskow) is the southeastern water castle. Discover Beeskow Castle

Powder Tower

(German original name: Pulverturm) is the southern fortified tower. Discover Powder Tower

Drying Tower

(German original name: Darrturm) is the southern corner tower. Discover Drying Tower

Luckau Gate Tower

(German original name: Luckauer Torturm or Dicker Turm) is the southern gate tower. Discover Luckau Gate Tower

Mint Tower

(German original name: Münzturm) is the western gate tower. Discover Mint Tower

Mauerstrasse Defensive Wall

is the western curtain wall. Discover Mauerstrasse Defensive Wall

Northwestern Defensive Wall

is the curtain wall. Discover Northwestern Defensive Wall

Stork Tower

(German original name: Storchenturm) is the northwestern corner tower. Discover Stork Tower

Mauerstrasse 26 Tower

is the northern half tower. Discover Mauerstrasse 26 Tower

Mouse Tower

(German original name: Mäuseturm) is the northeastern fortified tower. Discover Mouse Tower