Explore Isny im Allgäu Fortifications

clockwise from north.

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Water Gate

Is the northern city gate. Discover Water Gate

Powder Tower

Is the northeastern fortified tower. Discover Powder Tower

Trumpet Tower

Is the central watchtower. Discover Trumpet Tower

Oberer Grabenweiher Tower

Is the small southern fortified tower. Discover Oberer Grabenweiher Tower

Grabenstrasse Defensive Wall

Is the southern curtain wall with faussebraye. Discover Grabenstrasse Defensive Wall

Thief Tower

Was built in 1402 as the southern fortified tower. Discover Thief Tower

Port Lid Tower

I the southwestern flanking tower. Discover Port Lid Tower

Mill Tower

I the western flanking tower. Discover Mill Tower

Espan Gate

I the northwestern city gate. Discover Espan Gate

Untere Stadtmauer Defensive Wall

I the northwestern defensive wall. Discover Untere Stadtmauer Defensive Wall

Storage Tower

I the northwestern flanking tower. Discover Storage Tower