Explore Ulm Medieval Fortifications

clockwise from northeastern.

Publiched by NikAnt.

Sword Tower

Is the gate tower of Zundel Gate, which in turn are the northeastern part of Ulm Medieval Fortifications. The tower is 20 meters high. Discover Sword Tower

Armory Hall

Was built in 1433 as the arsenal of Ulm Medieval Fortifications. Discover Armory Hall

Goose Tower

Was built in 1360 as the southeastern gate tower. Discover Goose Tower

Adlerbastei Defensive Wall

Is the southeastern defensive wall. Discover Adlerbastei Defensive Wall

Herdbruckerstrasse Defensive Wall

Is the southern defensive wall. Discover Herdbruckerstrasse Defensive Wall

Butcher Tower

Was built around 1340 as the southern gate tower. Discover Butcher Tower

Donauschwabenufer Defensive Wall

Is the southwestern defensive wall. Discover Donauschwabenufer Defensive Wall

Lauseck Bastion

Was built around 1527 as the southwestern bastion. Discover Lauseck Bastion