Explore Zerbst Fortifications

clockwise from north.

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Northern Corner Tower

Is the round tower. Discover Northern Corner Tower

Priegnitz Tower

Is the northeastern round fortified tower. Discover Priegnitz Tower

Heide Tower

Is the eastern square fortified tower. Discover Heide Tower

Heide Gate

Is the northeastern city gate. Discover Heide Gate

Sternwarte Tower

Is the eastern round fortified tower. Discover Sternwarte Tower

Alter Teich Defensive Wall

Is the eastern curtain wall. Discover Alter Teich Defensive Wall

Women Gate

Is the southeastern city gate. Discover Women Gate

Maiden Bastion

Is the southern small semicircular bastion. Discover Maiden Bastion

Gartenweg Defensive Wall

Is the southern curtain wall. Discover Gartenweg Defensive Wall

Kiek in Pott Tower

Was built in 1396 as the southwestern corner tower. Discover Kiek in Pott Tower

Thick Tower

Was originally built as the fortified tower of Zerbst Medieval Fortifications, but from 1432 it was used as the bell tower of the Church of St. Bartholomew. Discover Thick Tower

Wechtergang Defensive Wall

Is the western curtain wall. Discover Wechtergang Defensive Wall

Breitestrasse Tower

Is the southwestern corner tower. Discover Breitestrasse Tower

Breitestrasse Gate

Is the western city gate. Discover Breitestrasse Gate

Sugarloaf Tower

Is the western square fortified tower. Discover Sugarloaf Tower

Am Plan Tower

Is the northwestern round corner tower. Discover Am Plan Tower

Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade Defensive Wall

Is the northwestern curtain wall. Discover Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade Defensive Wall

Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade Tower

Is the northwestern semicircular half tower. Discover Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade Tower

Northern Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade Tower

Is the northern square fortified tower. Discover Northern Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade Tower

Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade 9 Tower

Is the northern rectangular half tower. Discover Dr.-Martin-Luther-Promenade 9 Tower