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Andernach Medieval Fortifications began with the Roman fortification of Castellum Anternacum and were expanded in the Middle Ages around 1300 and were rebuilt several times afterward. The well-preserved city fortification is one of the most important monuments of the medieval fortification on the Rhine. Info is based on the article Liste der Kulturdenkmäler in Andernach of German Wikipedia.

View from the town of the defensive wall and the tower of Andernach Fortifications

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History of Andernach Fortifications

Andernach was the residence of the Franconian royal court, and this led to the fact that the Roman fortifications of the city were constantly updated and repaired. In 876, King Louis the Younger of East Franconia, relied on Andernach fortifications in the Battle of Andernach.

In 1109, the Archbishop of Cologne Friedrich I. von Schwarzenburg created the new fortification around Andernach. The construction work consisted of rebuilding the Roman wall in the north, west, and southwest of the city and building a new wall in the east. The new eastern wall protected that part of the city that had already gone beyond the Roman wall. In 1249, another archbishop of Cologne Konrad von Hochstaden expanded the eastern city gate with a tower and enlarged and strengthened the defensive walls.

In 1633, imperial troops opened fire on Andernach, occupied by Swedes. Because of the shelling, a fire broke out and the fortifications of the city were damaged. In 1646, the French Marshal Turenne intensively shelled Andernach to artillery. However, he could not take the fortifications of the city.

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Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigung Andernach
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Town Andernach
State Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
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Table 2. Andernach Fortifications clockwise from northeast
Rhine Bastion Discover Rhine Bastion
Hindenburgwall Defensive Wall Discover Hindenburgwall Defensive Wall
Koblenz Gate Discover Koblenz Gate
Andernach Castle Discover Andernach Castle
Powder Tower Discover Powder Tower
Otten Tower Discover Otten Tower
Brothers Tower Discover Brothers Tower
Helmet Tower Discover Helmet Tower
Dadenberg Tower Discover Dadenberg Tower
Agrippastrasse Tower Discover Agrippastrasse Tower
Round Tower Discover Round Tower
Konrad-Adenauer-Allee Defensive Wall Discover Konrad-Adenauer-Allee Defensive Wall
Rhine Gate Discover Rhine Gate
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