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Aschersleben Medieval Fortifications is the well-preserved city wall that surrounds the entire historical center of Aschersleben which has the length of about 2.3 km., was built between the mid 13th century to the end of the 16th-century and was unusually powerful for that time. Towers were usually square or almost square in plan and reaching 42 meters in height. Info is based on articles Stadtbefestigungsanlage Aschersleben of German Wikipedia.

Front view of Luisenpromenade defensive wall of Aschersleben Medieval Fortifications

Aschersleben Fortifications info

Table 1. Aschersleben Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigungsanlage Aschersleben
Public access Free
Images Aschersleben Fortifications
Town Aschersleben
State Saxony-Anhalt
Country Germany
Tourist Info Aschersleben Town Administration
Table 2. Aschersleben Medieval Fortifications clockwise from northwest
Raven Tower Discover Raven Tower
Johannispromenade Tower Discover Johannispromenade Tower
Narrow Heinrich Discover Narrow Heinrich
Johann Tower Discover Johann Tower
Hoffmann Tower Discover Hoffmann Tower
Crazy Love Tower Discover Crazy Love Tower
Southeastern Roundel Discover Southeastern Roundel
Krappscher Tower Discover Krappscher Tower
Blunt Tower Discover Blunt Tower
Western Ravelin Discover Western Ravelin
Big Shell Roundel Discover Big Shell Roundel
Luisenpromenade Bastion Discover Luisenpromenade Bastion
Rectangular Shell Tower Discover Rectangular Shell Tower
Map Aschersleben Fortifications

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Table 3. Aschersleben useful info
Train Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Bus Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Hotels Aschersleben
Restaurants Aschersleben

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