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Germersheim Fortress was built between 1834 and 1861 as part of the fortification system in west Germany to protect against a potential attack by the French army. The characteristic feature of the fortress is the well-preserved Beckers Front with the ravelin, both fortified gates and the Lamothe ravelin..

Flank view on Weissenburg Gate and on Lamotte Ravelin of Germersheim Fortress

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History of Germersheim Fortress

After Germersheim became French in 1792, the French built new fortifications, which were reinforced in 1814 after being captured by Bavaria. One year later, the German Confederation recognized the importance of Germersheim as a strategic hub. Germersheim was important because it was the first intermediate military center for a potential French attack to the south. Against this background, as early as 1818, survey work was started, during which a plan was drawn up for the construction of the fortress. The construction of the fortress began on June 30, 1834 and was fully completed in 1861.

The polygonal fortress consisted of a defensive wall 3200 meters long, which was divided into six fronts located clockwise from the northwest: Karl, Reuss, Diez, Lamotte, Schmaus and Beckers. The strongest fronts were the Beckers front in the southwest and the Schmaus front in the south, of 490 meters long each.

The soldiers stationed in the fortress were housed in four barracks, three of which served as defensive barracks. The strongest and largest defensive barracks were Seyssel Barracks, which in an emergency should have been the last obstacle to the advance of enemies on the southwestern front.

The fortress was closed as obsolete in 1913.

Info is based on the article Festung Germersheim of German Wikipedia.

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German original name Festung Germersheim
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Town Germersheim
State Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
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Tourist Information Center Germersheim Town Administration
Table 2. Fortifications of Germersheim Fortress clockwise from the northwestern
Ludwig Gate Discover Ludwig Gate
Germersheim Arsenal Discover Germersheim Arsenal
Carnot Wall Discover Carnot Wall
Provision Depot Discover Provision Depot
Military Hospital Discover Military Hospital
Weissenburg Gate Discover Weissenburg Gate
Lamotte Ravelin Discover Lamotte Ravelin
Seyssel Defensive Barracks Discover Seyssel Defensive Barracks
An Fronte Beckers Lunette Discover An Fronte Beckers Lunette
Beckers Counterscarp Discover Beckers Counterscarp
Beckers Ravelin Discover Beckers Ravelin
Glacisstrasse Counterscarp Discover Glacisstrasse Counterscarp
Stengel Defensive Barracks Discover Stengel Defensive Barracks
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