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Ingelheim Medieval Fortifications consist of Nieder-Ingelheim were built in the 8th century and of Ober-Ingelheimer were built in the 14th century and 15th century in the form of a polygon. Info based on articles Nieder-Ingelheim and Ober-Ingelheimer Ortsbefestigung of German Wikipedia.

Flank view from the town on the defensive walls of Ingelheim Fortified Church and on Malakoff Tower which is located in the east of Ober-Ingelheimer Fortifications

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Table 1. Ingelheim Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Ingelheimer Ortsbefestigung
Public access Free
Images Ingelheim Fortifications
Town Ingelheim am Rhein
State Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
Tourist Information Center Ingelheim am Rhein Town Administration
Table 2. Ingelheim Fortifications clockwise from the north of the Nieder-Ingelheim Fortifications
Heidesheim Gate Discover Heidesheim Gate
Ingelheim Imperial Palace Discover Ingelheim Imperial Palace
Seufzerpfadchen Defensive Wall Discover Seufzerpfadchen Defensive Wall
Ringgasse 30 Tower Discover Ringgasse 30 Tower
Ringgasse 28 Tower Discover Ringgasse 28 Tower
Ringgasse 22 Tower Discover Ringgasse 22 Tower
Gehauweg Tower Discover Gehauweg Tower
An der Burgkirche Tower Discover An der Burgkirche Tower
Ingelheim Fortified Church Discover Ingelheim Fortified Church
Malakoff Tower Discover Malakoff Tower
Uffhub Gate Discover Uffhub Gate
Neuweg Tower Discover Neuweg Tower
Stiegelgasse Gate Discover Stiegelgasse Gate
Ohrenbrycke Gate Discover Ohrenbrycke Gate
Unterer Zwerchweg Tower Discover Unterer Zwerchweg Tower
Bahnhofstrasse Tower Discover Bahnhofstrasse Tower
Map Ingelheim Fortifications

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