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Ingolstadt Fortress includes medieval fortifications which, were built in the 14th century, and fortifications of Bavarian State Fortress, which was built in 1849.

View from the west of Tilly Reduit

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History of Ingolstadt Fortress

Fortress Ingolstadt has always been the stronghold of the Bavarian army. By order of William IV, Duke of Bavaria, the fortifications of Ingolstadt was expanded and strengthened between 1538 and 1545. The reasons for this were the strategic importance of Ingolstadt at a crossroads on the northwestern frontier of the duchy and the need to control the Danube bridge.

The next renovation and fortification were made between 1654 and 1662, after the Thirty Years' War. During this period, many additional bastions were built.

During the Napoleonic Wars, the fortress was almost completely destroyed. Therefore, by order of King Ludwig I of Bavaria, Ingolstadt Fortress was restored in 1849. Six cavaliers and the Danube beachhead were built. All the cavaliers except one are restored, and suitable for independent sightseeing. Danube bridgehead is also fully preserved.

Info is based on the article Landesfestung Ingolstadt of German Wikipedia.

Table 1. Ingolstadt Fortress general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Landesfestung Ingolstadt
Public access Free
Images Ingolstadt Fortress
City Ingolstadt
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Information Center Ingolstadt City Administration
Table 2. Ingolstadt Fortress clockwise from the north, including the separate fort
Elbracht Cavalier Discover Elbracht Cavalier
Rechberg Bastion Discover Rechberg Bastion
Heydeck Cavalier Discover Heydeck Cavalier
Dallwigk Cavalier Discover Dallwigk Cavalier
New Castle Discover New Castle
Duke's Chest Castle Discover Duke's Chest Castle
Mynzberg Gate Discover Mynzberg Gate
Caponier 94 Discover Caponier 94
Triva Redoubt Discover Triva Redoubt
Tilly Reduit Discover Tilly Reduit
Baur Redoubt Discover Baur Redoubt
Ravelin 79 Discover Ravelin 79
Pocket Gate Discover Pocket Gate
Cross Gate Discover Cross Gate
Schutterhof Caponier Discover Schutterhof Caponier
Two Bridges Cavalier Discover Two Bridges Cavalier
Hepp Cavalier Discover Hepp Cavalier
New Cross Gate Discover New Cross Gate
Prince Karl Fort Discover Prince Karl Fort
Map Ingolstadt Fortress

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