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Iphofen Medieval Fortifications were built around 1293 around the present Old Town and were expanded in the 15th and 16th centuries. Info is based on the article Liste der Baudenkmäler in Iphofen of German Wikipedia.

View on the southern defensive wall and the gate tower of Plague Gate of Iphofen

Iphofen Fortifications info

Table 1. Iphofen Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigung Iphofen
Public access Free
Images Iphofen Fortifications
Town Iphofen
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Info Iphofen Town Administration
Table 2. Iphofen Fortifications clockwise from the north
Rödelsee Barbican Discover Rödelsee Barbican
Noon Tower Discover Noon Tower
Kirchgasse Defensive Wall Discover Kirchgasse Defensive Wall
Einersheim Gate Discover Einersheim Gate
Lange Gasse Defensive Wall Discover Lange Gasse Defensive Wall
Owls Tower Discover Owls Tower
Obere Gasse Defensive Wall Discover Obere Gasse Defensive Wall
Plague Gate Discover Plague Gate
Untere Gräbengasse Bastion Discover Untere Gräbengasse Bastion
Untere Grabengasse Defensive Wall Discover Untere Grabengasse Defensive Wall
Am Stadtgraben West Defensive Wall Discover Am Stadtgraben West Defensive Wall
Mainbernheim Gate Discover Mainbernheim Gate
Maxstrasse Tower Discover Maxstrasse Tower
Executioner Tower Discover Executioner Tower
Agidiengasse Defensive Wall Discover Agidiengasse Defensive Wall
Citizens Tower Discover Citizens Tower
Map Iphofen Fortifications

Useful Info for travelers to Iphofen Fortifications

Table 3. Iphofen useful info
Train Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Bus Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Hotels Iphofen
Restaurants Iphofen

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