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Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress was built by the French army in 1808 and is the only surviving example of the technology of building fortresses of the French Empire. Info is based on the article Brückenkopf Jülich of German Wikipedia.

View of the bridge and the gate to Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress
View on the bastion of Jülich Bridgehead

Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress info

History of Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress

After the annexation of Jülich to the French Empire in 1794, the French army paid great attention to the protection of the river Ruhr crossing. To protect the river Ruhr crossing, the French was built Bridgehead in 1808.

Jülich Fortress with its extensive external structures was also intended as the base for the field army, therefore the protection of the crossing was of strategic importance. The Bridgehead is designed as an Outwork and is about 800 meters wide, about 300 meters deep and about ten meters high.

The only practical test of the bridgehead was during the siege of Julich in 1814, but hostilities were conducted only sporadically, and the bridgehead remained undefeated. The allies limited themselves to blockading the fortress to keep the team there and built their own bridge across the river to the south. The bridgehead was simply bypassed, and the troops in the fortress were too weak to risk a military sortie.

Table 1. Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress general and geo info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Brückenkopf Jülich
Type Bridgehead
Front width 800 meters
Depth 300 meters
Height 10 meters
Condition Largely restored
Public access Free
Audio Speech about Bridgehead
Video YouTube about Brückenkopf-Park
Street address
Postal code 52428
Town Jülich
State North Rhine-Westphalia
Country Germany
Google Map Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress
Directions to Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress
Plus code 9F28W8CX+7H
Waze Map Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress
OpenStreetMap Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress
Latitude 50.92061
Longitude 6.34939
GeoNames ID 8521608
Knowledge Panel Bridgehead of Jülich Fortress

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