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Jülich Citadel was built 1545 as the part of Jülich Fortress and currently is the oldest citadel to the north of Alps and the best-preserved bastion fortification in Germany. The Citadel contains the Citadel Museum. Jülich Citadel is the protected cultural property in accordance with the Hague Convention. Info is based on the article Zitadelle Jülich of German Wikipedia.

View of the bastion and the gate to Jülich Citadel
Airview of Jülich Citadel

Jülich Citadel info

History of Jülich Citadel

Jülich Citadel was created under the leadership of Alessandro Pasqualini. The Citadel is the four-pointed bastion's fortification with the circumference of about 1200 meters. The citadel is partially surrounded by the moat, 10 meters deep, and 20-30 meters wide. The so-called Palazzo in Fortezza as a place for a prince or duke in an impregnable fortress was implemented in the architecture of the citadel: the castle was built inside the citadel for the residence of the duke.

Protective ramparts, outbuildings, barracks, and castle buildings inside the citadel, built mainly of refractory bricks. As in most of these fortresses, the defensive ramparts consist mainly of earth, which is surrounded by blank walls, the thickness of which can reach five meters from the side of the field. The bomb-proof casemates have a connection through the courtyard to the cannons, which are installed in the separate flanking positions of the four bastions, and underground galleries run almost behind the entire outer wall. The maximum wall thickness on the most threatened northern front is 42 meters. The bastions are about 12-15 meters high from the trench.

The citadel has four bastions:

Wilhelmus or Bastion № I: forms the southeastern corner of the citadel.

Maria Anna or Bastion № II: forms the northeastern corner of the citadel.

St. Salvator or Bastion № III: forms the northwestern corner of the citadel.

St. Johannes or Bastion № IV: forms the southwestern corner of the citadel.

Table 1. Jülich Citadel general and geo info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Zitadelle Jülich
Type Citadel
Circumference 1200 meters
Walls thickness 42 meters
Bastions high 13 meters
Condition Largely restored
Public access Free
Audio Speech about Jülich Citadel
Video YouTube about Jülich Citadel
Street address
In der Zitadelle
Postal code 52428
Town Jülich
State North Rhine-Westphalia
Country Germany
Google Map Jülich Citadel
Directions to Jülich Citadel
Plus code 9F28W9G5+5X
Waze Map Jülich Citadel
OpenStreetMap Jülich Citadel
Latitude 50.92552
Longitude 6.36015
GeoNames ID 8521607
Knowledge Panel Jülich Citadel
Table 2. Info about Museum of Jülich Citadel
German name Museum Zitadelle
Parent organization Jülich town administration
Location Jülich Citadel
Opening hours April to October from to with admissions fees.
Telephone number +492461937680
Email museum@juelich.de
Website Museum Zitadelle

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