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The first fortifications of Landsberg am Lech Medieval Fortifications was probably built at the end of the 13th century (around 1280 but not confirmed) and in the second quarter of the 15th century there was a wide expansion of the fortifications which are still so impressively preserved and have a length of more than two kilometers. The characteristic feature of the fortifications is many half-towers.

Eastern defensive wall of Landsberg am Lech Medieval Fortifications

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History of Landsberg am Lech Fortifications

From the beginning of the 14th century, Landsberg enjoyed rich trading privileges as a frontier town, which led to rapid population growth. The new urban settlers sought safety within the city walls, which were also the legal boundary. For reasons of fiscal policy, the dukes supported the expansion of Landsberg into a trading metropolis and frontier stronghold with benefits and monetary donations. All this created an impetus for the expansion of the 15th century. Threats from the Swabian League led to the need to modernize Landsberg's fortifications towards the end of the 15th century.

The Thirty Years' War brought new dangers to the city, and in 1631, Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria ordered the strengthening of the fortifications. Nevertheless, the Swedes were able to take Landsberg without a fight in 1632. The city changed hands several times. Both sides continued the fortification work to turn Landsberg into a military base.

Between 1703 and 1704 the War of the Spanish Succession required another expansion, which was be continued during the War of the Austrian Succession.

After World War Two, extensive restoration work of the fortifications began in 1964 and continues today.

Info is based on the article Stadtbefestigung Landsberg am Lech of German Wikipedia.

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German original name Stadtbefestigung Landsberg am Lech
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Town Landsberg am Lech
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Information Center Landsberg am Lech Town Administration
Table 2. Landsberg am Lech Fortifications clockwise from the northwestern corner
Dyer Tower Discover Dyer Tower
Sandau Gate Discover Sandau Gate
Jackdaw Tower Discover Jackdaw Tower
Epfenhauser Siedlung Tower Discover Epfenhauser Siedlung Tower
Epfenhauser Strasse 3 Tower Discover Epfenhauser Strasse 3 Tower
Powder Tower Discover Powder Tower
Spitalfeldstrastrasse Northern Tower Discover Spitalfeldstrastrasse Northern Tower
Schleifweg Tower Discover Schleifweg Tower
Heilig-Geist-Spital Tower Discover Heilig-Geist-Spital Tower
Kommerzienrat-Winklhofer-Strasse 3 Tower Discover Kommerzienrat-Winklhofer-Strasse 3 Tower
Epfenhauser Strasse Tower Discover Epfenhauser Strasse Tower
Kommerzienrat-Winklhofer-Strasse 1 Tower Discover Kommerzienrat-Winklhofer-Strasse 1 Tower
Spitalfeldstrastrasse Tower Discover Spitalfeldstrastrasse Tower
Malteserstrasse Tower Discover Malteserstrasse Tower
Malteserstrasse D Tower Discover Malteserstrasse D Tower
Malteserstrasse C Tower Discover Malteserstrasse C Tower
Malteserstrasse Southern Tower Discover Malteserstrasse Southern Tower
Bavarian Gate Discover Bavarian Gate
Alte Bergstrasse 450 Tower Discover Alte Bergstrasse 450 Tower
Neue Bergstrasse Eastern Tower Discover Neue Bergstrasse Eastern Tower
Western Tower Discover Western Tower
Neue Bergstrasse Bastion Discover Neue Bergstrasse Bastion
Hofgraben Tower Discover Hofgraben Tower
Maiden Jump Tower Discover Maiden Jump Tower
Lard Gate Tower Discover Lard Gate Tower
Witch Tower Discover Witch Tower
Baker Gate Discover Baker Gate
Dyer Gate Discover Dyer Gate
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