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Merkendorf Medieval Fortifications were built around the middle of the 15th century, are polygonal shape with the total length of the defensive wall about 1100 meters and have eight fortified towers and three city gates which are completely restored and accessible to tourists. Info is based on the article Stadtbefestigung Merkendorf of German Wikipedia.

Southeastern side of Merkendorf Medieval Fortifications

Merkendorf Fortifications info

Table 1. Merkendorf Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigung Merkendorf
Length 1100 meters
Public access Free
Images Merkendorf Fortifications
Town Merkendorf
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Information Center Merkendorf Town Administration
Table 2. Merkendorf Fortifications clockwise from the northwestern corner
Northwestern Corner Tower Discover Northwestern Corner Tower
Upper Gate Discover Upper Gate
Weberstrasse 5 Tower Discover Weberstrasse 5 Tower
Northeastern Corner Tower Discover Northeastern Corner Tower
Adlerstrasse Tower Discover Adlerstrasse Tower
Pocket Gate Discover Pocket Gate
Southeastern Corner Tower Discover Southeastern Corner Tower
Gerberstrasse Tower Discover Gerberstrasse Tower
Lower Gate Discover Lower Gate
Schulstrasse Tower Discover Schulstrasse Tower
Southwestern Corner Tower Discover Southwestern Corner Tower
Map Merkendorf Fortifications

Useful Info for travelers to Merkendorf Fortifications

Table 3. Merkendorf useful info
Train Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Bus Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Hotels Merkendorf
Restaurants Merkendorf

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