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Ulm Fortifications consist of the federal fortress and medieval fortifications. The federal fortress was built in the 19th century and has an outer line of separate forts and an inner line of fortifications. Main medieval fortifications were built in the 14th century.

Flank view of Curtain Wall XI of Ulm Fortress

Ulm Federal Fortress info

History of Ulm Fortress

After the end of the Napoleonic Wars, it was decided to defend Germany against a potential French attack. Ulm Federal Fortress was to be part of the defense against the French. The fortress was built between 1842 and 1859.

The fortress is the closed polygonal defensive wall and is located in two cities: the northern part is located in Ulm and the southern part is located in Neu-Ulm. The defensive wall is 9 kilometers long. The fortress had external forts that are located in front of the defensive wall. During wartime, the fortress could accommodate 20000 soldiers. It was the biggest fortress in Germany in the 19th century and it is still one of the biggest fortresses in Europe. Info is based on the article Bundesfestung Ulm of German Wikipedia.

Table 1. Ulm Federal Fortress general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Bundesfestung Ulm
Garrison 20000
Length 9 kilometers
Public access Free
Images Outer Forts
Images Parts of Ulm Fortress
Audio Speech about Ulm Fortress
OpenStreetMap Ulm Fortress
Table 2. Outer forts of Ulm Federal Fortress clockwise from northwestern
Upper Eselsberg Fort Discover Upper Eselsberg Fort
Oerlingen Redoubt Discover Oerlingen Redoubt
Albeck Fort Discover Albeck Fort
Safranberg Fort Discover Safranberg Fort
Friedrichsau Fort Discover Friedrichsau Fort
Ludwig Fort Discover Ludwig Fort
Illerkanal Fort Discover Illerkanal Fort
Lower Kuhberg Fort Discover Lower Kuhberg Fort
Upper Kuhberg Fort Discover Upper Kuhberg Fort
Söflingen Fort Discover Söflingen Fort
Lower Eselsberg Fort Discover Lower Eselsberg Fort
Table 3. Fortifications of Ulm Federal Fortress clockwise from north
Wilhelm Citadel Discover Wilhelm Citadel
Upper Gaisenberg Bastion Discover Upper Gaisenberg Bastion
Caponier XX Discover Caponier XX
Lower Gaisenberg Bastion Discover Lower Gaisenberg Bastion
Lower Danube Tower Discover Lower Danube Tower
Casemate 2 Discover Casemate 2
Caponier 4 Discover Caponier 4
Turmstrasse Curtain Wall Discover Turmstrasse Curtain Wall
Caponier 6 Discover Caponier 6
Ringstrasse Curtain Wall Discover Ringstrasse Curtain Wall
Caponier 8 Discover Caponier 8
Half Bastion 9 Discover Half Bastion 9
Upper Danube Tower Discover Upper Danube Tower
Upper Danube Bastion Discover Upper Danube Bastion
Ehinger Gate Discover Ehinger Gate
Blaubeuren Gate Discover Blaubeuren Gate
Kienlesberg Bastion Discover Kienlesberg Bastion
Mortar Battery Casemate Discover Mortar Battery Casemate
Curtain Wall XI Discover Curtain Wall XI
Wilhelmsburg Fort Discover Wilhelmsburg Fort
Map Ulm Fortress
Table 4. Tour operator of Ulm Fortress
Name Association of Ulm Federal Fortress
Legal name Förderkreis Bundesfestung Ulm e.V.
Street address Bahnwaldstraße 11
Postal code 89233
City Neu-Ulm
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Google Map Association of Ulm Fortress
Official website Association of Ulm Fortress
Telephone number +497311598779
Handelsregister ID Baden-Württemberg District court Ulm VR 581

Ulm Medieval Fortifications info

Table 5. Ulm Medieval Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigung Ulm
Public access Free
Images Ulm Medieval Fortifications
Tourist info Ulm City Administration
Table 6. Ulm Medieval Fortifications clockwise from the northeastern
Sword Tower Discover Sword Tower
Armory Hall Discover Armory Hall
Goose Tower Discover Goose Tower
Adlerbastei Defensive Wall Discover Adlerbastei Defensive Wall
Herdbruckerstrasse Defensive Wall Discover Herdbruckerstrasse Defensive Wall
Butcher Tower Discover Butcher Tower
Donauschwabenufer Defensive Wall Discover Donauschwabenufer Defensive Wall
Lauseck Bastion Discover Lauseck Bastion
Map Ulm Medieval Fortifications

Useful Info for travelers to Ulm Fortifications

Table 7. Ulm and Neu-Ulm useful info
Train Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Bus Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Hotels Ulm
Restaurants Ulm
Hotels Neu-Ulm
Restaurants Neu-Ulm

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