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Kienlesberg Bastion was built in 1852 as the irregular bastion of Ulm Federal Fortress Western Mountain Front. On the southwestern corner, the bastion has the powerful double caponier. The garrison of the bastion was 390 soldiers. Info is based on the article Bundesfestung Ulm - Kienlesbergbastion of German Wikipedia.

Flank view of the double caponier of Kienlesberg Bastion

Kienlesberg Bastion info

Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German official name Werk X
German alternate name Kienlesbergbastion
Type Irregular bastion
Garrison 390
Part of Western Mountain Front
Condition Largely restored
Public access Free
Street address
Beim Alten Fritz 1
Postal code 89075
City Ulm
State Baden-Württemberg
Country Germany
Google Map Kienlesberg Bastion
Directions to Kienlesberg Bastion
Plus code 8FWFCX4H+PG
Waze Map Kienlesberg Bastion
OpenStreetMap Kienlesberg Bastion
Latitude 48.40694
Longitude 9.97891
GeoNames ID 12060464
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