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Würzburg Medieval Fortifications presented with Marienberg Fortress and the medieval fortifications of Heidingsfeld, which was previously an independent imperial city. Medieval fortifications of Heidingsfeld were built around 1368 and were modernized in 1613. Info is based on articles Stadtbefestigungen Heidingsfeld of German Wikipedia and Stadtbefestigungen Heidingsfeld of German of WürzburgWiki.

Flank view of the southern defensive wall of Heidingsfeld Fortifications

Würzburg Fortifications info

Table 1. Würzburg Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigungen Heidingsfeld
Public access Free access
Images Würzburg Fortifications
City Würzburg
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Info Würzburg City Administration
Table 2. Würzburg Fortifications clockwise from the north
Marienberg Fortress Discover Marienberg Fortress
Nicholas Gate Discover Nicholas Gate
Heigelsbach Watergate Discover Heigelsbach Watergate
Seilerstrasse Defensive Wall Discover Seilerstrasse Defensive Wall
Northeastern Corner Tower Discover Northeastern Corner Tower
Werkingstrasse Defensive Wall Discover Werkingstrasse Defensive Wall
Salmann's Tower Discover Salmann's Tower
Glacisweg 11 Tower Discover Glacisweg 11 Tower
Dürrenberg 38 Tower Discover Dürrenberg 38 Tower
Dürrenberg 34 Tower Discover Dürrenberg 34 Tower
Dürrenberg 32 Tower Discover Dürrenberg 32 Tower
Dürrenberg 26 Tower Discover Dürrenberg 26 Tower
Jetty Tower Discover Jetty Tower
Reuterstrasse Tower Discover Reuterstrasse Tower
Dollgasse Tower Discover Dollgasse Tower
An der Stadtmauer Defensive Wall Discover An der Stadtmauer Defensive Wall
Map Würzburg Fortifications

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Table 3. Würzburg useful info
Train Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Bus Info to trips of Deutsche Bahn
Hotels Würzburg
Restaurants Würzburg

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