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Weißenburg Fortifications include the archaeological remains of Roman Castrum Biriciana with restored Porta decumana, medieval fortifications built in the 14th and 15th centuries, and Wylzburg Fortress built in 1610.

Info is based on the article Liste der Baudenkmäler in Weißenburg in Bayern - Stadtbefestigung of German Wikipedia.

Southern defensive wall of Weißenburg Medieval Fortifications

Weißenburg Fortifications info

Table 1. Weißenburg Fortifications general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Stadtbefestigung Weißenburg in Bayern
Public access Free
Images Weißenburg Fortifications
Video Old Weißenburg in Bayern on YouTube
Town Weißenburg in Bayern
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Tourist Information Center Weißenburg in Bayern Town Administration
Table 2. Weißenburg Fortifications clockwise from the northwestern corner, including two separate fortifications
Powder Tower Discover Powder Tower
Ellinge Gate Discover Ellinge Gate
Nordliche Ringstrasse Tower Discover Nordliche Ringstrasse Tower
Auf dem Schrecker 11 Tower Discover Auf dem Schrecker 11 Tower
Seeweihermauer 7 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 7 Tower
Seeweihermauer 17 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 17 Tower
Seeweihermauer 23 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 23 Tower
Seeweihermauer 27 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 27 Tower
Seeweihermauer 35 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 35 Tower
Seeweihermauer 37 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 37 Tower
Seeweihermauer 39 Tower Discover Seeweihermauer 39 Tower
Schiessgrabenmauer 26 Tower Discover Schiessgrabenmauer 26 Tower
Schiessgrabenmauer 22 Tower Discover Schiessgrabenmauer 22 Tower
Sudliche Ringstrasse Tower Discover Sudliche Ringstrasse Tower
Schiessgrabenmauer 18 Tower Discover Schiessgrabenmauer 18 Tower
Schiessgrabenmauer 14 Tower Discover Schiessgrabenmauer 14 Tower
Schiessgrabenmauer 10 Tower Discover Schiessgrabenmauer 10 Tower
Schiessgrabenmauer 6 Tower Discover Schiessgrabenmauer 6 Tower
Schanzmauer 32 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 32 Tower
Schanzmauer 26 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 26 Tower
Schanzmauer 20 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 20 Tower
Schanzmauer 14 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 14 Tower
Schanzmauer 12 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 12 Tower
Schanzmauer 10 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 10 Tower
Scheible Tower Discover Scheible Tower
Schanzmauer 2 Tower Discover Schanzmauer 2 Tower
Castrum Biriciana Discover Castrum Biriciana
Hospital Gate Tower Discover Hospital Gate Tower
Wylzburg Fortress Discover Wylzburg Fortress
Map Weißenburg Fortifications

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