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Castrum Biriciana was built by Ala I Hispanorum Auriana around 100 AD and was expanded and rebuilt mid the 2nd century as the stone Roman fort that was the part of Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes. Today the fort with its remains of buildings, the reconstructed north gate Porta decumana, the large thermal baths and the Roman Museum with Limes Germanicus Information Center. Currently, the fort is the part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of list Frontiers of the Roman Empire. Info based on the article Kastell Weißenburg of German Wikipedia.

Flank view on Porta decumana of Castrum Biriciana of Weißenburg in Bayern

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History of Castrum Biriciana

Castrum Biriciana had the goal of protecting the territory recently conquered by the Romans north of the Danube, which was incorporated into the territory of the province Retia. Around the middle of the second century, the first wooden fort was rebuilt as the complete stone fort. During the rebuilding, the fort was almost square size 170 by 174 meters. The defensive wall of the fort was rounded in the corners and had defensive towers. The four gates of the fort were located between the double gate towers. Outside, the fort was surrounded by a double moat. All administrative buildings and supply buildings were built of stone and located in the central part of the fort. It is known that there was a garrison in the fort such as Ala I Hispanorum Auriana.

Around 253, Castrum Biriciana was destroyed during the invasion of Alemans, also known as Limesfall.

Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism and archaeological tourism
German original name Kastell Weißenburg
Type Castrum
Built 100
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Condition Porta Decumana Gate is fully restored
Public access Free
Street address
Am Römerlager 16
Postal code 91781
Town Weißenburg in Bayern
State Bavaria
Country Germany
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Plus code 8FXG2XJ6+JV
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OpenStreetMap Castrum Biriciana
Latitude 49.03081
Longitude 10.96251
GeoNames ID 8504474
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