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Wylzburg Fortress was built around 1610 as the almost regular pentagonal bastion fortress in the new Italian style, located about 2 kilometers east of Weißenburg Medieval Fortifications. Info based on the article Wülzburg of German Wikipedia.

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History of Wylzburg Fortress

Wylzburg Fortress was built on Wylzburg Mountain by order of George Frederick, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, with an area of 73 thousand square meters. The fortress has five perfectly preserved bastions. Along the perimeter of the fortress, there is a dry moat 23 meters wide and 10 meters deep, which is partially carved into the rock. The completely restored Wylzburg Palace is located in the courtyard of the fortress. Сovertway around the fortress with cannon casemates inside the bastions is well preserved and completely restored.

During the Thirty Years' War, the fortress was handed over without a fight to the imperial troops under the command of Tilly in 1631. The fortress successfully withstood a long siege by the Swedish troops and did not capitulate.

Table 1. Wylzburg Fortress general info
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
German original name Festung Wülzburg
Public access Free
Audio Speech about Wylzburg Fortress
Street address
Wülzburg 6
Postal code 91781
Town Weißenburg in Bayern
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Google Map Wylzburg Fortress
Directions to Wylzburg Fortress
Plus code 8FXH22G4+66
Waze Map Wylzburg Fortress
OpenStreetMap Wylzburg Fortress
Latitude 49.02555
Longitude 11.00549
GeoNames ID 12470352
Knowledge Panel Wylzburg Fortress
Tourist Info Weißenburg in Bayern Town Administration
Table 2. Wylzburg Fortress clockwise from the northwestern
Cold Corner Bastion Discover Cold Corner Bastion
Horse Mill Bastion Discover Horse Mill Bastion
Cancer Bastion Discover Cancer Bastion
Virgo Bastion Discover Virgo Bastion
Main Guard Bastion Discover Main Guard Bastion
Wylzburg Palace Discover Wylzburg Palace

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