Explore Sweden Fortifications

clockwise from west.

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Eda Sconce

Was built in 1657 to protect the border with Norway on the pass between lakes Hugn and Bisjon. Discover Eda Sconce

Stockholm Fortifications

Are coastal defensive and sea fortifications to protect waterways to Stockholm. Discover Stockholm Fortifications

Femöre Coastal Artillery Battery

Was built in 1964 as the artillery fort into the rock to protect the seaport of Oxelösund. Discover Femöre Coastal Artillery Battery

Tingstäde Fortress

Was built in 1914 to protect Gotland and consists of one artillery redoubt and four infantry redoubts. Discover Tingstäde Fortress

Eketorp Fort

Was built around 300 AD as hillfort and ringfort, to protect the location whose inhabitants had commercial relations with the Roman Empire. Discover Eketorp Fort

Drottningskär Citadel

Was built in 1680 as the sea fort to protect the naval base of Karlskrona. Discover Drottningskär Citadel

Varberg Fortress

Was built in 1300 and was completely rebuilt in 1618 as the coastal fortress. Discover Varberg Fortress

Gothenburg Fortifications

Fortifications includes fortifications built in the 17th century and the fort built in 1907. Discover Gothenburg Fortifications

Marstrand Fortifications

Fortifications are the complex of coastal defense fortifications to protect the ice-free seaport of Marstrand. Discover Marstrand Fortifications

Karlsborg Fortress

Was built in 1909 to protect of Royal House, Government, Swedish parliament, and gold reserve of Sweden, in case of an attack against Sweden and, is one largest building of Northern Europe. Discover Karlsborg Fortress