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Arholma Coastal Artillery Battery was built in 1968 as the artillery fort into the rock to protect the strategic waterway to Stockholm. All rooms of Arholma Battery, including combat command centers, combat stations, power rooms, workshops, lodgings, kitchens with a canteen, medical room, and operating room was created by an explosion inside the rock. Info is based on articles Batteri Arholma of Swedish Wikipedia and Batteri Arholma website.

View of the artillery turret of Arholma Battery
Interior view of the tunnel of Arholma Battery

Interior view of the tunnel of Arholma Battery.

Arholma Coastal Artillery Battery info

Table 1. Arholma Artillery Battery general info and geo
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
Swedish original name Batteri Arholma
Category Coastal defence and fortification
Type Coastal artillery
Garrison 340
Artillery Two 104-millimeter cannons in armored turrets
Audio Speech about Arholma Battery
Video Arholma Battery of YouTube
Condition Fully saved
Public access Guided tours
Street address
Postal code 76454
Island Arholma
County Big Stockholm
Country Sweden
Google Map Arholma Battery
Directions to Arholma Battery
Plus code 9FFXV46F+J2
Waze Map Arholma Battery
OpenStreetMap Arholma Battery
Latitude 59.86162
Longitude 19.12253
GeoNames ID 12104370
Knowledge Panel Arholma Battery
Owner National Property Board of Sweden
Table 2. Tour operator of Arholma Artillery Battery
Legal name Arholma Nord Aktiebolag
Location Arholm Battery
Telephone number +4617656040
Swedish Organization Number 5590341441

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Table 3. Arholma useful info
Ferry Trips to Arholma
Public transport Around Big Stockholm
Hotels Arholma
Restaurants Arholma

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