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Crown Redoubt was built in 1700 as the southern redoubt of Gothenburg Fortifications. The redoubt had walls thickness of 5 meters and is height of 33 meters. Redoubt never fought. Info is based on the article Skansen Kronan of Swedish Wikipedia.

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Crown Redoubt info

Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
Swedish original name Skansen Kronan
Type Redoubt
Height 33 meters
Wall thickness 5 meters
Artillery 23 cannons
Audio Speech about Crown Redoubt
Video Crown Redoubt of YouTube
Condition Fully saved
Public access Guided tours
Street address
Leijonsparres väg
Postal code 41304
City Gothenburg
County West Gothland
Country Sweden
Google Map Crown Redoubt
Directions to Crown Redoubt
Plus code 9F9HMXW4+95
Waze Map Crown Redoubt
OpenStreetMap Crown Redoubt
Latitude 57.69619
Longitude 11.95539
GeoNames ID 6695250
Knowledge Panel Crown Redoubt
Owner National Property Board of Sweden

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