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Eketorp Fort was built around 300 AD as the hillfort and ringfort, to protect the location whose inhabitants had commercial relations with the Roman Empire. In the second half of the 6th century, the fort was abandoned for an unknown reason. Info is based on the article Eketorps borg of Swedish Wikipedia.

View of the gate of Eketorp Fort
View of houses inside Eketorp Fort

View of houses inside Eketorp Fort.

Eketorp Fort info

Table 1. Eketorp Fort general info and geo
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
Swedish original name Eketorps borg
Swedish alternate name Eketorps fornborg
Type Hillfort
Subtype Ringfort
Built 300
Audio Speech about Eketorp Fort
Video Eketorp Fort of YouTube
Condition Largely restored
Public access Available
Street address
Eketorps fornborg
Postal code 38664
Village Degerhamn
County Kalmar
Country Sweden
Google Map Eketorp Fort
Directions to Eketorp Fort
Plus code 9F8R7FWP+6C
Waze Map Eketorp Fort
OpenStreetMap Eketorp Fort
Latitude 56.29555
Longitude 16.4861
GeoNames ID 10345701
Knowledge Panel Eketorp Fort
Owner National Property Board of Sweden
Table 2. Tour operator of Eketorp Fort
Legal name Mörbylånga kommun
Street address
Trollhättevägen 4
Postal code 38680
Town Mörbylånga
County Kalmar
Country Sweden
Telephone number +4648547990
Email info@eketorpsborg.se
Website Eketorps borg
Swedish Organization Number 2120000704

Useful Information for travelers to Eketorp Fort

Table 3. Eketorp and Degerhamn useful info
Train Around Sweden
Bus Around Kalmar County
Hotels Degerhamn
Restaurants Degerhamn

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