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Karlsborg Fortress was built in 1909 to protect of Royal House, Government, Swedish parliament, and gold reserve of Sweden, in case of an attack against Sweden and, is one largest buildings in Northern Europe. The fortress is located on a peninsula and on the side of the land front has the powerful 678 meters long reduit which was armed with 263 cannons. The wall thickness of the reduite is 3 meters. The garrison of the fortress consisted of 6,000 soldiers. The construction of the fortress began in 1819 and only in 1909, after 90 years of construction, the fortress was declared completely finished. Info is based on the article Karlsborgs fästning of Swedish Wikipedia.

View of the reduit of Karlsborg Fortress

Karlsborg Fortress info

Table 1. Karlsborg Fortress general info and geo
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
Swedish original name Karlsborgs fästning
Garrison 6000
Audio Speech about Karlsborg Fortress
Video Karlsborg Fortress of YouTube
Condition Fully saved
Public access Guided tours
Street address
Befälsgatan 18
Postal code 54630
Town Karlsborg
County West Gothland
Country Sweden
Google Map Karlsborg Fortress
Directions to Karlsborg Fortress
Plus code 9FCPGGHG+7H
OpenStreetMap Karlsborg Fortress
Latitude 58.53018
Longitude 14.52892
GeoNames ID 12076726
Knowledge Panel Karlsborg Fortress
Owner National Property Board of Sweden
Table 2. Museum of Karlsborg Fortress
Legal name Karlsborgs museiförening
Location Karlsborg Fortress
Telephone number +46505451826
Email info@fastningsmuseet.se
Website Fästningsmuseet Karlsborg
Swedish Organization Number 8666003838

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Table 3. Karlsborg useful info
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Bus Around West Gothland
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