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Stockholm Fortifications are coastal defensive fortifications and sea fortifications to protect waterways to Stockholm.

View from north of Vaxholm Fortress

Stockholm Fortifications info

Table 1. Stockholm Fortifications general info and geo
Tourist Audience Cultural heritage tourism
Category Coastal defence and fortification
Images Stockholm Fortifications
City Stockholm
County Big Stockholm
Country Sweden
Tourist information centers Stockholm City Administration
Table 2. Stockholm Fortifications from north
Arholma Coastal Artillery Battery Discover Arholma Coastal Artillery Battery
Siarö Fort Discover Siarö Fort
Fredriksborg Fortress Discover Fredriksborg Fortress
Oskar-Fredriksborg Fort Discover Oskar-Fredriksborg Fort
Rindö Redoubt Discover Rindö Redoubt
Vaxholm Fortress Discover Vaxholm Fortress
Dalarö Fort Discover Dalarö Fort
Landsort Heavy Artillery Battery Discover Landsort Heavy Artillery Battery
Landsort 152-mm. Artillery Battery Discover Landsort 152-mm. Artillery Battery
Map Stockholm Fortifications

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Table 3. Stockholm useful info
Train Trips by Swedish State Railways
Bus Trips by Stockholm Transport
Ferry Trips by Samtrafiken Resrobot
Hotels Stockholm
Restaurants Stockholm

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